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Friday, December 12, 2008

Dandruff – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

DANDRUF is a really common hitch indeed, that of flakes in the pipeline from the scalp when any person combshis/her hair or rubs the head. Dandruf is caused by a commonyeast suite pityresporen ovale which causes an inflammation of the scalp, attaining it shed flakes. Dandruff is a really common sclap problem. A morbid disease of the sclap is the emergene of dandruf which is caused by the excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands.

Symptoms of Dandruff

Some sign as well as signals relating to Dandruff are as follows:

· Skin affected by seborrhoeic dermatitis is frequently scarlet as well as fatty as well as a pallid or yellowish flaky scale.

· Cradle overshadow (seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp).

· There is sometimes itching or flammation as well as the scalp may feel tight.

· Scalp ringworm (tinea capitis): This highly contagious fungal infection occurs initially inside youth younger than segment 10.

· Psoriasis. This mature disorder causes an accumulation of dead mature cells that form thick silvery scales.

Treatment of Dandruff

Here is style of the guidelines for viewing Dandruff:

· Anti-dandruff shampoos containing the antimicrobials selenium sulphide (eg Selsun ) or zinc pyrithione are beneficial for modest dandruff.

· Shampoos as well as coal tar (some class names: DHS Tar, Neutrogena T/Gel, Polytar) may possibly troth used 3 times a week.

· Corticosteroid cream or lotion.

· Mix 8 tbsp. peanut motor oil as well as the juice of half a lemon. Rub the range into your hair, quit on for 10 minutes as well as at the moment wash as usual.

· Antifungal shampoo containing ketoconazole (eg Nizoral dandruff shampoo ) bestows a mild, similarly useful protection for dandruff.

What causes dandruf ?

Dandruf is caused by micro-organism called pityrosporum-ovle which are give inside every body's scalp. Symptoms of dandruf get aggravated when exposed to dust, UV light, abrading chemical based shampoo, hair dyes etc., this end result inside boost inside figure of microbes which causes unhealthy residue more than the scalp which leads to dandruff, which is the cause of unhealthy, flaccid hair as well as may possibly outcome inside excessive bereavement of hair too. Followings are yet accountable for dandruf:-

1. Heredity

2. Lack of correct Diet

3. Environment

4. Dry or Greasy Scalp is etc.

5. Stress, anxiety as well as tension.

Home cures for Dandruf Cure as well as Treatment:

1. Oil your hair as well as pure warm coconut motor oil as well as make a request juice of half a lemon onto the scalp.

2. Massage the scalp as well as almond motor oil as well as steam bathe your hair. Steam bath is conveyed by dipping the towel inside boiling water as well as wrapping it just about the hair, admire a turban. Do not admit the corners of your towel troth wet, therefore that you may reckon them. When your towel gets cold, repeat it three times or four times. Steaming opens the scalp pores as well as increases the capacity of the hair to absorb motor oil at its roots.

3. You may yet seize a spoonful lemon juice, group it as well as two spoonfuls vinegar as well as rubdown on the scalp. Wash your hair as well as an egg shampoo.

4. Take on allocation almond oil, as well as pure sulphur inside equal quantity, group as well as add 'surgical spirit' inside the aggregate equal to the over two. Put four installments distilled water or rose water as well as massage on the scalp. An Effective home assistance for dandruf.

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